september 8

birth of mary

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.

Saving God, the birth of Mary heralded a new day for your people – a day when the redemption you had promised began to become a reality. We thank you for the witness of her unhesitating and generous response to your plan for our salvation. May we, like her, be ready and eager to respond when you call. We ask this through her, your mother and first disciple. Amen.

september 9

peter claver

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.

God of all peoples, we honor Saint Peter Claver as the patron of all missions to black peoples. Through his intercession, we pray for an end to racism and to all barriers that separate us from our sisters and brothers. May we all be one in you. We ask this through Jesus, our brother. Amen.

september 14

triumph of the cross

Our congregation is grounded on Calvary, there to serve a crucified Redeemer.

Saving God, the cross of Jesus has become the sign of our salvation. We ask for the grace to accept our portion of his suffering in any form or shape you please. By uniting our sorrows to his, may we flourish in the very midst of the cross. We ask this through Jesus, who died for our sake. Amen.

september 15

our lady of sorrows

This child is destined to be a sign that will be opposed – and a sword will pierce your own soul too.

Jesus, as your mother stood beneath the cross the words of Simeon were fulfilled and her heart was pierced with sorrow. We pray on this day for all women who experience the death of a child. Help them to bear this suffering with courage. Give them hope in the promise of resurrection that you hold out to all your children. We ask this grace through the intercession of Mary, the mother of sorrows. Amen.

september 15

saint catherine of genoa

Come, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was sick and you took care of me.

Healing God, Catherine served your suffering sick as a nurse and hospital administrator. We honor her as we pray for all those who bear similar responsibilities in our day. We thank you for the gift of mystical prayer she experienced, and ask that the grace of union with you in prayer may be ours as well. We make this prayer in confidence, for you have called us to be one in you. Amen.

september 20

Saints andrew kim taegon,
paul chong hassang
and companions

The Lord is like a farmer, and we are the field of rice that he fertilizes with his grace, in order that we will grow and reach maturity.

O God, through the martyrdom of Andrew, Paul and their companions you nurtured the faith of the Korean church. May all who suffer persecution for their religious beliefs be strengthened by their example. We ask this through the intercession of all those who have died for the sake of your reign. Amen.

september 21

saint matthew

I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you.

O God of revelation, through the inspiration of your Spirit, Saint Matthew recorded for us the Good News of the life of Jesus. By our prayerful reflection on his words may we come to know you more intimately and respond with courage to the challenges his message presents. May our lives reflect our understanding of the call to be people of the gospel. Amen.

september 24

our lady of mercy

Use the Common of Mercy Feasts I or II and Proper Intercessions.

september 27

saint vincent de paul
It is into hearts who seek God alone that God pleases to pour forth the most excellent lights and greatest graces.
Merciful God, Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac envisioned a new way of serving you by making the world their cloister. The poor and the sick found comfort from their ministry, and religious life was given a new direction. Through their intercession, we ask your blessing for all religious who seek to honor you by serving the members of your body. We ask this, confident that you hear and answer our prayers. Amen.

september 28

saint lorenzo ruiz

The Lord Jesus by his blood truly redeemed his servants, gathered from every race, tongue, people and nation, to make them a royal priesthood for our God.

Saving God, Lorenzo Ruiz left his home in the Philippines to bring the good news of salvation to the people of Japan. There he suffered martyrdom for the sake of the gospel. As we celebrate his feast we pray for all who suffer persecution for their religious beliefs. May they be strengthened by his example. We ask this through the intercession of all those who have died for the sake of your reign. Amen.

september 29

birthday of catherine mcauley

Use the Common of Mercy Feasts I or II.

september 29

michael, gabriel and
raphael, archangels

God’s angel defends the faithful, guarding them on every side.

O God, you have created the angels to be your messengers and the guardians of your people. We pray for the grace to be attentive to your inspirations and to the subtle manifestations of your presence. May your angels watch over us, protecting us in all our ways. We ask this in faith. Amen.