The object of the order
To devote our lives to the accomplishment of our own salvation and to promote the salvation of others is the end and object of our order of Mercy. These two works are so linked together by our rule and observances, that they reciprocally help each other. We should often reflect that our progress in spiritual life consists in the faithful discharge of the duties belonging to our state, as regards both ourselves and our neighbor, and we must consider the time and exertion which we employ for the relief and instruction of the poor and ignorant as most conducive to our own advancement in perfection, and the time given to Prayer and all other pious exercises, we must consider as employed to obtain the grace, strength and animation which alone could enable us to persevere in the meritorious obligations of our state, and if we were to neglect these means of obtaining Divine support, we would deserve that God should stop the course of His graces, to make us sensible that all our efforts would be fruitless, except we were continually renewed and replenished with His Divine Spirit. God speaking to us by his inspired Apostle says — attend to thy self.
Works of mercy
It follows from what has been said that each society of religious receives a grace particularly adapted to the duties which they are called to perform. We ought then have great confidence in God in the discharge of all these offices of Mercy, spiritual and corporal, which constitute the business of our lives, and assure ourselves that God will particularly concur with us to render them efficacious as by His infinite mercy we daily experience and this proceeds as we have said before from the grace belonging to the vocation or grace of the order.