Week Three
Thursday Evening


PSALM 132: 1-5, 13-18

Our God dwells among us. We are God’s resting place.

Lord, remember David
in all his humility.
He swore an oath to you,
O Mighty God of Jacob:

“I will not enter my home,
nor lie down on my bed.
I will not close my eyes
nor will I sleep
until I find a place for the Lord,
a house for the Mighty God of Jacob.”

The Lord has chosen Zion,
desired it as a home.
“This is my resting place,
I choose to live here for ever.
“I will bless it with abundance,
even the poor will have food.
I will vest the priests in holiness,
and the faithful will shout for joy.

“Here I will strengthen David’s power
and light a lamp for my anointed.
His enemies I will clothe in shame,
but on him a crown will shine.”

READING: 1 Peter 3:8-11

Finally, all of you, have unity of spirit, sympathy,
love for one another, a tender heart, and a
humble mind. Do not repay evil for evil or abuse
for abuse; but, on the contrary, repay with a
blessing. It is for this that you were called –
that you might inherit a blessing.
For “Those who desire life
and desire to see good days,
let them keep their tongues from evil
and their lips from speaking deceit;
let them turn away from evil and do good;
let them seek peace and pursue it.”


Let us seek peace and follow its path.

I acclaim the greatness of the Lord,
I delight in God my savior,
who regarded my humble state.
Truly from this day on
all ages will call me blest.

For God, wonderful in power,
has used that strength for me.
Holy the name of the Lord!
Whose mercy embraces the faithful,
one generation to the next.

The mighty arm of God
scatters the proud in their conceit,
pulls tyrants from their thrones,
and raises up the humble.
The Lord fills the starving
and lets the rich go hungry.

God rescues lowly Israel,
recalling the promise of mercy,
the promise made to our ancestors,
to Abraham’s heirs for ever.


We acknowledge our complete dependence on our generous and merciful God, as we pray:
- God of Mercy, hear our prayer!

~That Pope_______________ and all bishops and servants of God will be blessed with good health and wisdom, we pray:
~That the leaders of industry and agriculture will consider the poor and hungry of the world in all their decisions, we pray:
~That people who enjoy abundance will be inspired by the love of God and neighbor to care for the poor of the world, we pray:
~That those who discern a call to ministry will have the courage to respond, we pray:
~That our departed sisters, relatives and friends will enjoy the fruits of their labors through the mercy of God, we pray:



O God, you who chose Zion as your resting
place, make your home now with us. As we
experience your comforting presence, may we
be impelled to extend the hospitality of our
homes and hearts to those without the protection
of food or shelter, love or companionship.
Let us find rest in one another until we make
our way home to you. We ask this in the name
of Jesus, who lived among us. Amen.

May God’s blessing be upon us. Amen
May God’s light lead us in the way of Righteousness. Amen.
May our lives be patterned on Christ Jesus. Amen.