Intercessions for Special Mercy Feasts

September 24
Merciful God, on this feast of Our Lady of Mercy in 1827 you manifested your love for your people through the opening of the House of Mercy on Baggot Street. As we celebrate this feast of Jesus’ mother and of our Institute, we ask that you show us your love once again.
The House of Mercy was established to serve the needs of the poor, the sick and the uneducated:
~ May we freely respond to your call to serve the needy of our time.
Catherine McAuley was assisted in her ministry by many who were animated by her vision of service:
~ By collaborating with others in the works of mercy, may we learn from them how to be more merciful.
Like Catherine, we have established institutions to address our enduring concerns:
~ Through our sponsored works may we model mercy and justice and promote systemic change according to these ideals.
Those who came to the House of Mercy experienced respect and hospitality:
~ May we witness to mercy by reverencing the dignity of each person and creating a spirit of gracious welcome wherever we live and serve.
Many of Catherine’s early co-workers later embraced the Mercy way of life:
~ May those you are calling to membership in our Institute respond with gladness and generosity.
November 11
On this anniversary of Catherine McAuley’s death we remember her and all our sisters who have given their lives in service to others, and so we pray:
~ We are yours, O God, for time and eternity.
We pray for each of us, that we may be a steady influence for good on this earth:
We pray for hearts free from anxiety and fear and full of self-surrender:
We pray for trust in God’s providence during times of doubt and difficulty:
We pray for all who are nearing the time of their own death, that the hope of life eternal will comfort them:
We pray for Sisters of Mercy throughout the world and for their co-workers, that Catherine’s life and death may continue to call us to embrace the spirit of hospitality and service:
December 12
On this day in 1831, Catherine McAuley, Mary Ann Doyle, and Mary Elizabeth Harley professed their vows as Sisters of Mercy, thus establishing the new Institute. Grateful for their generosity and inspired by their example, we pray for the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy:
~ Bless and protect us, merciful God.
May our performance of the works of mercy be animated by charity and zeal, we pray:
May our newer members and those who are discerning a call to Mercy be supported by the prayer and example of others, we pray:
May those who are called to leadership within the Institute serve the common good with courage and compassion, we pray:
May our benefactors, associates, and co-workers share in the fruits of the good works which they enable, we pray:
May the people of the Americas, who were blessed by the appearance of Our Lady at Guadalupe on this day in 1531, be renewed in their hope and strengthened in their efforts to build a more just society, we pray: