Morning and Evening Prayer

Blessed is she who believed, 
for God has done great things for her.
Mary, Mother of Mercy,
be with us as we pray.
Psalm 138
With all my heart I praise you, O God.  
I thank you with all I am.
I thank you with all I am,
I join heaven’s chorus.
I bow toward your holy temple,
to praise your name.

By your love and fidelity,
you display to all
the glory of your name and promise. 
As soon as I call, you act,
renewing my strength.

Around the world,
rulers praise you
for your commanding word.
They sing of your ways,
“Great is your glory, Lord.”

Though high up,
you see the lowly;
though far away,
you keep an eye on the proud.

When I face an opponent,
you keep me alive.
You reach out your hand,
your right hand saves me.

Lord, take up my cause,
your love lasts for ever.
Do not abandon

what your hands have made.

1Samuel 2:1–10
Holy are you, O God! You are the source of my strength.
I acclaim the Lord’s greatness,
source of my strength.
I devour my foe,
I say to God with joy:
“You saved my life.
Only you are holy, Lord;
there is none but you,
no other rock like you.”

God knows when deeds match words,
so make no arrogant claims.
The weapons of the strong are broken,
the defenseless gain strength.
The overfed now toil to eat,
while the hungry have their fill.

The childless bear many children,
but the fertile learn they are sterile.
The Lord commands death and life,
consigns to Sheol or raises up.

God deals out poverty and wealth,
casts down and lifts up,
raising the poor from squalor,
the needy from the trash heap,
to sit with the high and mighty,
taking their places of honor.

God owns the universe

and sets the earth within it.
God walks with the faithful

but silences the wicked in darkness;

their power does not prevail.
God’s enemies will be broken,
heaven thunders against them.
The Lord will judge the earth,
and give power to the king,
victory to the anointed.

Zechariah 2:10 – 11
Sing and rejoice, O daughter Zion! For lo, I will come and dwell in your midst, says the Lord. Many nations shall join themselves to the Lord on that day, and shall be my people; and I will dwell in your midst. And you shall know that the Lord of hosts has sent me to you.
Canticle of Zechariah
Blessed is she who has believed. Blessed be God for the loving kindness shown to her.
Canticle of Mary
God, wonderful in power, has used that strength for me. Holy is God’s name.

I acclaim the greatness of the Lord,
I delight in God my savior,
who regarded my humble state.
Truly from this day on all ages
will call me blest.
For God, wonderful in power,
has used that strength for me.
Holy the name of the Lord!
Whose mercy embraces the faithful,
one generation to the next.
The mighty arm of God
scatters the proud in their conceit,
Pulls tyrants from their thrones,
and raises up the humble.
The Lord fills the starving
and lets the rich go hungry.
God rescues lowly Israel,
recalling the promise of mercy,
the promise made to our ancestors,
to Abraham’s heirs forever.

Jesus, Mary loved you with fidelity and tenderness. May we learn from her how to deepen our love for you.
Mary, mother of the poor:
~ Help us to hear the cry of God’s people.
Mary, refuge of the outcast:
~ Help us to welcome those rejected by the powerful in society.
Mary, witness to faith:
~ Help us to enter fully into your son’s mission.
Mary, woman of prayer:
~ Help us to receive God’s word and act upon it.
Mary, mother of sorrows:
~ Help us to walk with those who are afflicted and dying.
Mary, mother of all peoples:
~ Help us to be sisters and brothers to one another.
The Lord’s Prayer
Jesus, you gave us Mary to be our mother and model. Help us to learn from her the way of faithful love, patient waiting, trust in times of confusion and heartfelt compassion for the sufferings of others. May we learn to say with Mary: “Here I am. Let it be with me according to your word.” Amen.
Bless us, O God, with wonder at your mercy. Amen.
Bless us with gratitude for your generosity. Amen.
Bless us with love for you and your mother Mary. Amen.